Inversion Table during Pregnancy


Inversion Table during PregnancyDuring pregnancy, a female body undergoes several changes, biological and emotional, which trigger many common and not-so-common conditions. Back pain is one such common problem suffered by more than 70 percent of pregnant women, at any stage. The pain becomes more prevalent with the growth of the child inside the womb. This is because the center of a female body tends to shift towards the front which puts extra pressure on the back, resulting in pain. Inversion table and chairs are used as an alternative therapy to relieve back pain. In some conditions, these tables do help in decreasing the pain and discomfort but there are some cases where use of inversion tables for back pain can be risky. These include high blood pressure, heart ailments, eye disorders, glaucoma and, of course, pregnancy. Using inversion table during pregnancy is dangerous and can lead to complication and abnormal delivery. If you are pregnant and thinking of using it to reduce your back pain, then you are certainly making a wrong choice for you and your unborn child.

The body of a person suffering from back pain turns upside down, in hanging position to reverse the effect of gravity. This stretches the vertebrae and releases stress and pressure off the back, hence, comforting from pain. Initially, the torso is placed at an angle about 20 degrees and then inverted completely at 90 degree. At this stage, the blood starts rushing towards the head and cause increase in blood pressure, which could lead to dangerous implication for a pregnant woman and her child. Thus use of inversion table during pregnancy is prohibited.

Not only using inversion tables for some conditions is considered dangerous but using them for a long period of time is also hazardous for health as it affects the blood circulatory system of a person. In order to alleviate pain effectively and safely using inversion table, one must use it for not more than 20 minutes or as recommended by the doctor. Conditions like pinched nerve, scoliosis, herniated nerve etc. are few to name where inversion tables can help and provide relief from pain, but inversion therapy is not a permanent cure that will eliminate the pain from its roots. It only offers relief for some time. But using inversion table during pregnancy will not help at all, neither permanent nor temporary, you should avoid using it.

Bottom line

Back pain during pregnancy is common but must not be neglected. It should be addressed with prompt medical aid as it could lead to certain complications like premature labor etc. To ease the pain and prevent back ache during pregnancy, it is advisable to practice light exercises and yoga, especially designed for pregnant women to maintain body health. These activities must be performed under the supervision of an expert and after prior consultation from your doctor. Inversion table can provide temporary relief from back pain but using it during pregnancy is unsafe and not recommended at all. You should ask your doctor about other alternative treatment and therapy (or even medication) to avoid back pain during and after pregnancy and maintain a proper health of your spine.

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